Perspectives Series 2024

Overview of the Series

Perspectives 2024 explores a range of perspectives from people in the Marketing, Production, Media Agencies, TV Network, Creative and Research industries. It covers their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of the world of TV and video both locally and globally, now and in the future.


Perspectives: Favourite TV ads

It goes without saying that we love TV and we know New Zealanders love it too. We also know that great TV advertising is remembered for longer. A Karen Nelson-Field study discovered that TV ads are more likely to be remembered than other advertising – around 109 days to be precise. To bring this to life we asked the lovely guests on our Perspectives series about their favourite ads. While some of the work is recent, much of it is from ages ago, which just goes to show that great creative can pay back to your brand for decades. (Filmed August 2021, just prior to the commencement of the NZ and subsequent Auckland Covid-19 lockdown).


Episode 5: The Creative View

In this episode, (Filmed August 2021, just prior to the commencement of the NZ and subsequent Auckland Covid-19 lockdown) we chat with James Mok, Chief Creative Officer, Aim Proximity, and Peter Vegas and Leisa Wall, Executive Creative Directors, FCB.

Each offers their candid views on the challenges and opportunities of the changing communications landscape; the importance of creativity; how seeing ourselves on our screens brings us together and how the New Zealand “voice” is crucial for effective brand communication.


Episode 4: The Network View

In this episode (Filmed August 2021, just prior to the commencement of the NZ and subsequent Auckland Covid-19 lockdown) the Network CEOs – Kevin Kenrick, TVNZ; Glen Kyne, Discovery ANZ and Sophie Moloney, Sky – chat about what is high on their to-do list right now, what excites them about the future and what they perceive to be the most important considerations for local audiences and advertisers.


Episode 3: The Media View

In this episode Rachel Anderson-Cormack, CCO, Dentsu NZ, Matt Bale, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, MBM and Christophe Spencer, CTO, PHD share their thoughts on content and environments, the role of Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) as audiences migrate and advertising engagement. They also chat about the opportunities BVOD can offer advertisers and predict how this might look in the future. Filmed in May 2021.


Episode 2: The Production View

In our second episode, Andrew Szusterman, MD, South Pacific Pictures and Amie Mills, Head of Funding, NZ on Air ponder the question “What is TV” and discuss the local production scene. Filmed in May 2021.


Episode 1: The Marketers View

Our first episode uncovers the views of three New Zealand Marketers. Hear their thoughts on various topics, including challenges and opportunities for Marketers; reaching audiences effectively; how TV and BVOD fit into the current media landscape, and, what the future might look like. Filmed in May 2021.


Perspectives 2024 Series – Preview

This short video provides a taster of the series – look out for more episodes to follow.