The Benchmark Series: Viewability

The Benchmark Series: Viewability

As part of The Benchmark Series, ThinkTV commissioned Dr Karen Nelson-Field, a Professor of Media Innovation at The University of Adelaide, to conduct an independent, large-scale in-home study into how Australians really engage with advertising across different platforms and devices, while comparing TV against other environments such as Facebook and YouTube.

Tranche 2 of the study focused on Viewability. The main findings from the research include:

  • The current minimum threshold standard does drive an impact, but there is material uplift in sales above 50% pixels and 2 seconds.
  • Differences in sales impact build (quickly) with increases in viewability as the relationship between pixels and sales is strong.
  • Pixels matter the most as gains in sales come more from increases in % of pixels on screen than from time on screen; the impact split around 70:30.
  • 100% pixels consistently outperforms the standard, by twice as much, regardless of time on screen.

Download a copy of the report and the infographic below


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