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Wave 1 of Payback Australia reveals TV delivers $1.74 ROI 

A $1 million world-first study involving advertisers such as Unilever, Pfizer and Kimberly-Clark has shown TV creates by far the best return on investment for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands in Australia, easily beating online video, online display, radio, press, and outdoor advertising.

The first wave of the “Payback Australia” study by Ebiquity, a leading, independent marketing analytics firm, found that every $1 invested in TV advertising generated a return of $1.74. TV was the only media in the study that generated a positive short term revenue ROI for the nine participating FMCG brands, which included Unilever, Pfizer, Lindt, Kimberly-Clark, Goodman Fielder, Sanitarium, and McCain.

The study found online video returned 72 cents for every dollar invested, online display 41 cents, print returned 79 cents, radio 71 cents and out-of-home 62 cents. The nine advertisers, which collectively spend more than $200 million on advertising per annum, gave Ebiquity access to three years of raw sales and campaign data.

Ebiquity also found that TV retains approximately 65% of its of its impact from the previous week, ahead of outdoor on 28%, online video on 23%, online display on 22%, print on 19% and radio on 17%. The results suggest recall of TV ads is stronger and lasts longer than other media.

The first tranche of the Payback research was officially presented at the ReThinkTV Marketing Forum on November 30 at Doltone House, Sydney. Download a copy of the presentation below.

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