Introducing AdNation-Video

Ever wondered what average Aussies and AdLanders think about TV advertising?

ThinkTV did.

So we commissioned leading independent marketing academic Professor Karen Nelson-Field to find out.

She surveyed over 1,600 AdLand professionals and over 1,000 “normal” people * to identify differences and similarities in the two groups’ lifestyles and their usage of – and attitudes towards – different media.

The results were pretty striking.

When it came to TV advertising, normal folks were clear in identifying TV as the most likely place to find advertising that draws attention to a product, brand or service they had not heard of: 47% of them elected TV, two and a half times more than the next media channel, social media, which was chosen by only 18%.

But in almost direct contrast AdLand nominated social media as the most likely medium, with 44% choosing social media, and only 19% selecting TV.

And yet when asked where they would be most likely to find trusted advertising, advertising that would make them feel emotional and advertising that would stick in the memory, people in AdLand agreed with normal people that TV was by far the winning medium.

Check out the animation clip for some more details.

*Professor Nelson-Field used a representative sample of the Australian population provided by Pure Profile and used Mumbrella’s database to survey a representative sample of advertising, media and marketing professionals, which included representative splits of seniority.

Adland is made up of statistically significant subsets of Media Agencies, Creative Agencies, Media Owners, Advertisers and Other which includes Journalists, Industry Bodies, and Research Providers. Respondents self-selected the appropriate classification.

Both samples were weighted and measured by Professor Karen Nelson-Field to ensure accurate representation. The gender balance was 51% female and 49% male for both samples.

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