ThinkTV TRA Top 10 TVCs

What’s Your Favourite TV ad?

ThinkTV in partnership with TRA is finding out New Zealanders’ favourite television advertisements.

December 2019: Top 10 TV Commercials:

1. NZ Post ‘Keeping Ho Ho Hush Hush’

2 – Lotto ‘Lost’

3 – Cadbury ‘Mums Birthday

4 – BNZ – ‘The kids’ room’

5 – Pak n’Save ‘Stickman’

6 – AA Insurance – ‘Dinosaur vs Unicorn’

7 – Speights ‘The Dance’

8 – NZ Transport Agency – ‘Dilemmas’

9 – Spark – ‘Balance screen time with play time’

10 – Vodafone – ‘Huxley – Life to the power of 5G’

ThinkTV in partnership with TRA run a survey every two months that asks the simple question ‘What is your favourite ad on TV at the moment?’ Open-ended responses are manually coded to give us the top ten most frequently mentioned ads. The survey has a nationally representative sample of 1,000 New Zealanders aged from 18 to 60 years old, sourced from the Dynata research panel.

Results from previous surveys:

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