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Time shifted viewing is TV broadcast programming played back through the TV set within 7 days of the original broadcast.

Universes detail the estimated population against which media audiences are calculated.

The Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB) is responsible for approving and classifying all television and online video advertisements on behalf of New Zealand’s television industry.

Without CAB approval a commercial cannot be broadcast in New Zealand.

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TV viewing is independently measured by Nielsen TAM. The Television Audience Measurement system (TAM) they provide is the official source of TV viewing data.  To find out more about Nielsen TAM click here.

Definition: The average viewing audience for a demographic expressed as a percentage of the relevant universe.

Formula: Tarp = Avg audience viewing a program / target universe x 100

Formula in action: 1,000,000 / 15,000,000 x 100 Tarp = 6.7


Standard spot types

15 Seconds

30 Seconds

45 Seconds

60 Seconds

120 Seconds

180 Seconds


Bonus spot types

First/Last in Break- When the spot is placed at the beginning or end of an ad break

Top and Tail- When the spot type is placed at the beginning of an ad break and at the end of the same ad break

Infomercial- Spot type acting as a standalone program typically 30 minutes in length

Billboard- Spot type typically 10 or 5 second in length featuring a voiceover and  brand image connecting the brand with the program.

Standard Dayparts

Daytime:               06:00-18:00

Peak:                      18:00-22:30

Late night:            22:30-24:00

All day:                   06:00-24:00


  • Briefs or bookings may contain splits per daypart or may simply outline a desired “Peak/Off Peak” split.
  • All dayparts outside of 18:00-22:30 are generally referred to as “off peak”.
  • Daypart splits outlined on briefs are generally based on cost, tarp, thousands or spot numbers


Working Example

John from Brand A has requested a tarp based 60/40 POP (peak/off peak split) within his TV schedule. This will mean that John’s schedule will have 60% of his projected tarps placed into peak dayparts and 40% placed into off peak dayparts.


Based on Nielsen TAM figures, TV reaches 2.6 million New Zealanders everyday.

Definition: The cost of reaching 1% of a specific demographic.

Formula: CPT= Cost of spot / Tarp (planned or actual)

Formula in action: $300 / 6.2  CPT=$48.39

It sure is!

Check out our TV effectiveness page to find out more.

Lots of them!

Check out of benefits of TV advertising page here. 

Definition: the cost of reaching 1,000 people of a specific demographic.

Formula: CPM= Cost of Spot / Audience (000’s) x 1000

Formula in action: $2,000 / 300,000 x 1,000  CPM = $6.67

When choosing TV advertising, every brand has different goals and objectives. For this reason, there is no set package for TV advertising available, rather each network tailors suitable packages designed to meet brands expectations.

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